The Bell Hotel is proud to announce the grand unveiling of its newest addition, The Coach Room. Nestled within the hotel, this elegant space promises an unforgettable experience with its charming and delightful design.

On entering The Coach Room, guests are greeted by playful and quirky patterned wallpaper that sets the stage for a remarkable conference or dining experience.

The room’s intimate setting is accentuated by traditional paneling on the walls, with an elegance that feels familiar.  Thoughtfully coordinated aesthetics enhance the room’s appeal, featuring a luxurious sisal carpet that introduces a touch of natural texture, complementing the overall decor with earthy tones.

The Coach Room’s furniture strikes a perfect balance between old-world charm and modern design. Classic pieces have been thoughtfully infused with a fresh twist, boasting clean lines and sleek finishes that radiate sophistication.

At the heart of The Coach Room lies its versatility, making it a great space for various purposes, from hosting productive meetings and brainstorming sessions to transforming into an elegant private dining area, this space offers flexibility to cater to many needs. Impress your clients or colleagues with a refined dining experience (with a private waiter!), and leave a lasting impression.

General Manager Ashley Beale says, “We are thrilled to introduce The Coach Room to our guests. With its unique charm, we believe it will become a favourite for both business gatherings and private dining experiences. The Coach Room perfectly embodies The Bell Hotel’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and creating memorable moments.”


To explore  The Coach Room, book your reservation today by contacting us via the website.