The Coach Room at The Bell Hotel is a charming and inviting space, adorned with fun and quirky patterned wallpaper that instantly catches the eye.

As you step into the room, you’ll notice the intimate setting, enhanced by the traditional panelling that lines the walls. The rich woodwork adds a touch of sophistication.  The Coach Room is the perfect place for small gatherings.

A sisal carpet brings a touch of natural texture to the room. Its earthy tones complement the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious blend between the traditional and contemporary elements present in the space.

The furniture in the Coach Room strikes a delicate balance between the old and the new. Traditional pieces are given a modern twist, showcasing clean lines and sleek finishes.

The versatility of the Coach Room is evident in its various uses. It serves as a meeting room, offering a private and intimate space for important discussions and brainstorming sessions. Additionally, it can be transformed into a private dining area, where guests can impress clients or colleagues with the space and quality of dining.  And when the main restaurant gets crowded, the Coach Room seamlessly becomes an “overflow” area, providing extra seating for diners.

Conference Bookings

Half Day Hire – £90. Includes one round of tea, coffee and biscuits

Full Day Hire – £160. Includes two rounds of tea, coffee and biscuits

 These rates apply for up to 8 delegates.

Private Dining

£70 for lunch or dinner

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