How far did your last meal travel to reach your plate? The reality is, many of the ingredients we eat are shipped hundreds and even thousands of miles, from all over the world. And it’s not just the food we buy from shops, either. Even local manufacturers and producers sometimes rely on ingredients imported from places as far afield as China. However, more and more, the spectre of climate change is leading a trend towards finding more sustainable, healthier, and tastier sources of food – which means looking closer to home.

Thankfully for us and our guests at The Bell Hotel, home happens to be Suffolk. And when it comes to sustainable, healthy, and tasty, we’re truly spoiled for choice here.

Farm to fork philosophy

Suffolk is home to some of the most fertile land in the UK. All around us, you’ll find produce grown by farmers who have been nurturing the land for generations. And it’s that love and care you will taste in every meal when you join us for food at The Bell Hotel.

This farm to fork philosophy means nearly everything on your plate will have been grown, nurtured and harvested locally.

When you eat with us, you can rest assured you’re getting the freshest – and tastiest ingredients Suffolk has to offer.

Freshly caught seafood

Any coastal restaurant worth its salt will have fish and chips on the menu. Here at The Bell Hotel, we enjoy a great relationship with the local fishing community, and each morning the best of the day’s catch is brought directly to our kitchen door. When you sit down to our fish dishes, you can be sure the sole on your plate has been caught that day, fresh from the boat, and cooked to the perfection. It’s a taste like no other, and great for the planet.

When you dine here, you’re not only supporting a sustainable future, you’re also experiencing what it means to eat truly fresh ingredients from the UK’s richest and most opulent farming and fishing county. From fresh crab, to fresh bread, our menu is designed to showcase Suffolk’s finest produce in all its glory.

Explore our menu to discover the treasure trove of local ingredients that make our mouth-watering meals so delicious.