Sizewell's nuclear journey and its impact on Suffolk

Welcome to The Bell Hotel in Saxmundham, where history and modernity converge in the heart of Suffolk. Just a short drive from us lies Sizewell, a name synonymous with the evolution of nuclear power in the UK. Sizewell is famous for being a significant hub of nuclear activity, and its latest development, Sizewell C, is set to shape the future of energy for decades to come.

Recently granted a nuclear license by the regulator, Sizewell C is poised to become a 3.2-gigawatt power station. This impressive facility will generate low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes, marking a significant step towards a sustainable energy future. Mirroring the design of Hinkley Point C, which is currently under construction in Somerset, Sizewell C will be a close replica, ensuring proven technology and efficient construction processes.

Nuclear power has been a cornerstone of life in East Suffolk since the 1960s with the establishment of Sizewell A. Following its decommissioning, Sizewell B took up the mantle and continues to produce clean power for millions of homes today. With Sizewell C, this legacy of safe and efficient nuclear generation will continue, heralding another chapter in Suffolk’s energy story.

The construction and operation of Sizewell C will bring substantial economic benefits to Suffolk. It promises to create thousands of jobs, boosting the local economy and providing new opportunities for residents. The strong local support for Sizewell C underscores the community’s recognition of the positive impact this project will have on the region.

The Sizewell B visitor centre offers an interactive exhibition that helps visitors understand nuclear power generation. This facility, complete with a classroom, provides a valuable educational resource, ensuring that both locals and visitors can learn about the technology and safety measures involved in nuclear energy.

Sizewell C and other new power stations are set to play a crucial role in our energy future. By supplying reliable, clean electricity for at least 60 years, these stations will help reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a stable energy supply for generations to come.

For visitors and those involved in the Sizewell C project, The Bell Hotel in Saxmundham is the ideal place to stay. Our close proximity to Sizewell ensures that you can easily access the site while enjoying the comfort and hospitality of our historic hotel. We take pride in being part of a community that supports sustainable energy initiatives. We warmly invite you to stay with us and explore the captivating world of nuclear power at Sizewell. Whether you’re visiting for business or leisure, our hotel provides a charming and convenient base for your stay.

Come and experience the rich history and exciting future of Suffolk’s energy landscape, right from the heart of Saxmundham. Book your stay with us today and be part of the journey towards a brighter, cleaner future.

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