The Bell Hotel Saxmundham, known for its elegance and warm hospitality, continues its ongoing renovations as a testament to its commitment to excellence. With the dedicated efforts of Beales Hotels, the hotel’s owners, the aim is to establish a remarkable boutique hotel experience in Suffolk.

The hotel officially welcomed guests in December 2022 after the successful conclusion of Phase I of the project. This phase encompassed a comprehensive hotel renovation, the addition of seven magnificent bedrooms, the establishment of The Heath restaurant, The River bar, and the Coast lounge, the creation of exquisite new WC facilities, a cutting-edge kitchen, and numerous other enhancements.

Phase II of the project has been progressing steadily, introducing a reception area, additional bedrooms, a lift, and a private dining area. These enhancements, nearing completion, promise an exceptional experience for future guests. Let’s explore the ongoing renovation project and discover the new features that await visitors.

To meet the growing demand for accommodation, The Bell is expanding its existing portfolio by adding three additional bedrooms. Maintaining the coastal theme found in other rooms, these new rooms increase the hotel’s capacity and provide guests with more options to choose from.

In line with the hotel’s dedication to accessibility and convenience, the installation of a lift is currently underway. This addition allows guests to move seamlessly throughout the premises, ensuring everyone can enjoy the amenities and facilities. The Bell strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all guests, reinforcing their commitment to a comfortable and accessible stay.

An exciting highlight of Phase II is the introduction of a private dining area. This dedicated space offers an exclusive setting for intimate gatherings, special occasions, and business meetings. Guests can enjoy a personalised dining experience while appreciating the hotel’s renowned hospitality,

The ongoing renovations at The Bell, driven by Beales Hotels, exemplifies their commitment to delivering an exceptional boutique hotel experience. With each addition and improvement, the hotel aims to surpass guest expectations and provide a memorable stay in the heart of Suffolk.

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