In an era where simplicity is cherished, The Bell Hotel presents the perfect setting for those who desire a meaningful celebration without the extensive costs, planning, and stress of a large event.

The trend towards smaller, more personal weddings is on the rise, with recent studies indicating a gradual decrease in the average wedding size. Couples are increasingly choosing intimate gatherings that resonate more deeply.

At The Bell, your intimate wedding can range from meticulously detailed to wonderfully straightforward. Whether it’s the Heath Room for 25 guests or the Coach Room for a smaller group, your special day can be a uniquely tailored experience. With our bespoke services, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

The beauty of intimate weddings

With fewer guests, your catering budget can go a long way, and you can really treat yourself and your guests to a truly amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Our renowned team at The Bell can create incredible menus. You have the option of a wedding breakfast feast, a tapas banquet, a formal (or informal) buffet, or even a brunch  – the choices are limitless.  When booking a wedding at The Bell, you will work closely with our Head Chef and events team to create the perfect meal for you and your guests.

You wedding guests will feel special

One of the biggest regrets of newlyweds is that they didn’t spend enough time with each guest. With fewer guests you can cherish everyone that made the effort to be there, with no pressure to ‘get to everybody’. Each person will feel truly valued.

Enjoy the day, your way

Your wedding day can often feel like a blur due to the numerous traditions packed into the schedule. The day can seem to whirl by with back-to-back photo opportunities and ceremonial events. However, you can introduce a sense of calm and slowness to your wedding by choosing to embrace only the traditions that truly resonate with you.

Wedding weekends

Rather than focusing your entire budget and planning on a single afternoon and evening, think about spreading your wedding celebration across two days. With our ‘Exclusive Use’ package, you can take advantage of the stunning walks and coastal scenery in the area, along with numerous local attractions. Opting for a two-day wedding allows you to truly cherish every moment. This approach prevents your wedding day from feeling like a rushed whirlwind, giving you and your guests ample time to fully experience and enjoy every aspect of your special occasion.

The personal touch

Say goodbye to formalities and embrace the opportunity for your guests to truly bond. Consider having everyone sit together around a large table, so they can talk, laugh and share experiences. Hosting evening cocktails and games ensures that your guests mingle, creating a fun, inviting and warm atmosphere. We can provide food and facilities to accommodate children and will happily take care of place cards and table plans to help you relax and enjoy being surrounded by those closest to you.

If the idea of a budget-friendly wedding that focuses on your nearest and dearest is appealing, contact us at The Bell to discuss your requirements. We want to make sure that your special day is truly memorable, and look forward to welcoming you to a truly intimate, personal and precious experience that you and your guests will cherish.

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