Small wedding venues offer a unique charm and intimacy that larger venues can’t match. The Bell Hotel in Saxmundham, with its appealing  setting and welcoming spaces, provides a perfect canvas for couples looking to create a memorable and personalised wedding day. Decorating such a venue requires thoughtful consideration to maximise space while bringing your wedding vision to life.

Theme and colour scheme

Start by choosing a theme and colour scheme that complements the venue’s existing decor and architecture. The Bell Hotel exudes a classic English charm, so consider themes that align with the buildings character, such as a vintage, rustic, or classic English garden theme. Selecting a cohesive colour palette will join the different elements of your wedding decor and create a visually appealing space.

Use of space

In smaller venues, every inch counts. Focus on maximising space without making it feel cluttered. Use vertical space for decorations—think hanging floral arrangements, fairy lights, or drapery from the ceiling. This draws the eye upward and creates a sense of spaciousness. For seating, consider one big table to facilitate better flow and conversation among guests.

Personalised decorations

Personal touches make your wedding feel uniquely yours. Incorporate elements that reflect your personalities and love story. This could include photo displays of your journey together, custom signage with quotes or sayings meaningful to you, or a bespoke altar designed around your shared interests. The Bell Hotel’s intimate setting is perfect for highlighting these personal details.


Lighting can transform a space and set the mood for your celebration. Soft, warm lighting creates an inviting and romantic atmosphere. Consider using, lanterns or string lights to add a magical glow to the venue. If your wedding extends into the evening, fairy lights can create a starlit effect that’s both romantic and photogenic.

Floral arrangements

Flowers are a timeless way to beautify any wedding venue. For smaller spaces, opt for arrangements that don’t overwhelm. Small, delicate bouquets, floral hoops, and single-stem flowers in thin vases can add a touch of elegance without taking up too much space. Consider using local, seasonal flowers for a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Creative seating arrangements

Be creative with your seating arrangements to make the best use of space. Instead of traditional rows, arrange chairs in a circular or semi-circular pattern around the ceremony area. This not only saves space but also creates an intimate setting where every guest has a great view.

Decorating a small wedding venue like The Bell Hotel in Saxmundham requires a blend of creativity, planning, and personalisation. By focusing on a cohesive theme, maximising the use of space, and incorporating personal and meaningful decorations, you can create a beautifully intimate and memorable wedding day. Remember, the goal is to celebrate your love in a space that feels true to you, and with these tips, your wedding will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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